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[...I am being birthed...]

We are currently entering into a new stage of our existence and 
a lot is going on behind the scenes.
Thank you for being here, and following along patiently.

We are existed to soon share with you soon X



At Earth Medicine Co & Shambala it is our mission to initiate you into your own mastery by activating soul-led eco-centric leadership and authenticity within, harmonising with your nature and taking responsibility for your own healing, empowerment and awakening. – which is the absolutely non-negotiable foundation to creating a positive embodied ripple effect in our relationships, lives, communities, and the globe and anchor a new paradigm of living, leading and loving.

To change our external world, we have to change our internal world.
To step into and create greatness, we need to cultivate greatness from within. – For whatever reality we live in is solely an extension of who we are, and how we be.

It is all energetics.

We offer a supportive, integrative and holistic approach weaving aspects of eastern lineages like Ayurveda, Yoga, Tantra; shamanism, mindfulness, psychosomatic healing and deep ecology,
taking you on a unique journey of soul discovery and activation, for you to become the conscious creator of your life, fiercely embodying your all and leading in your joy, in your purpose and in your ultimate creative expression and pleasure, with flow and ease.

Are you ready to break free and expand? It is time.


why 'Shambala'


Shambala (or Shambhala), a term of the ancient sacred language Sanskrit, means a place of peace or harmony. In many Hindu and Buddhist traditions, it is spoken of as the mythical utopia of higher dimensional divinity in which all beings thrive in harmony with all within and all without and around us.

The possibility of creating a heaven on earth by finding peace within ourselves and evolving from ego-centric to eco-centric consciousness, values - and thereby at large: societies - is what inspired Shambala Margaret River - a place to come home.

A place for connecting, earthing, nourishing, healing, rejoicing, celebrating, empowering 

... and simply truly BEing.


Learn more about Shambala and our vision here.
You find behind-the-scenes updates on our blog. 


Hello fellow Soul,


My name is Lena.
I am the head-facilitator & co-founder of Earth Medicine Co and Shambala Margaret River and the Ayurvedic Prac. & Herbalist behind our herbal apothecary.

I am deeply passionate about returning souls to wholeness, love and greatness by understanding and embodying natural universal lore and energetics and thereby elevate the frequency of our collective AND becoming the conscious creators of our lives.

As an eco-centric Integrative and Holistic Healer, Teacher, Soul Guide and Visionary my focus and expertise lie in embodied psychosomatic healing & authentic empowerment for conscious awakening.

I walk and share the path of shamanic reconnection and recalibration to [our] nature through nature, and to live & express ourselves fully and authentically, to feel deeply connected to ourselves, others and our environment.

You can work with me via private 1:1 sessions and mentoring programs, trainings and group containers, in-person somatic healings or immerse in one of our retreats and experiences.

I am looking forward to journeying with you.

Learn more about Lena, Ands & the team in our 'About' section.

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