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Ayurveda आयुर्वेद

the wisdom of longevity

science of life

art of accessing full human potential


a way of living, fully

Ayurveda for Stress Relief

Ever wondered how to actually create more inner and outer harmony 
in your being & life
even if you are already doing "all the right things" ?

If you've followed any number of supposed health or spirituality trends, seen countless practitioners without real bettering of your holistic well-being or relief from symptoms that are so persistent they are now chronic and feel almost "normal", or undergone diets, lifestyle or self-healing and -development protocols that have worked for someone else but you simply don't see lasting results, then it might be clear for you by now or that there is no "one size fits all" approach or silver bullet that will transform your life. Not even an "oh you have this symptom - you must do this!" will bring guaranteed results.

Why? Because in order to find what works for you, we need to address your bio-individuality. This is the understanding that each unique individual has unique needs based on their unique mind-body constitution, life experiences and conditioning, holistic health history and their state.

Furthermore, once we realize that we are not merely physical beings having a spiritual experience on planet Earth but that we are spiritual beings having a physical human experience here and now, the horizon opens up for us. 

Our state of ease, or dis-ease, is determined by more than just physical factors or the biology and mechanics of a physical body - we are multi-dimensional and multi-faceted beings with physical, mental-emotional, energetic, and spiritual layers all of which want to weave together harmoniously to create harmony in our overall being, and as an extension of that - in all areas and aspects of our lives.

This is where Ayurveda can help. Not only is Ayurveda a time-proven and tested integrative system of holistic medicine that addresses your whole being and can assist successfully with issues like stress relief, chronic pain, digestive problems and disorders, hormone balance, skin conditions, immunity and mental health conditions, nervous system regulation and trauma by finding and addressing the root cause, but really in its entirety, it is a way of life.


Ayurveda आयुर्वेद is rooted in the understanding

that we are but a microcosm within a great macrocosm

and intrinsically interwoven with mother nature

and her circadian rhythms and cycles.


It is shamanic in nature,

based on universal natural lore.

As within, so without, as above, so below.

We are part of the air we breathe,
the earth we stand and reside upon,
the waters that cleanse and rejuvenate us
the fire that transforms
and the space (ether) that holds everything,

dancing in equilibrium and harmony.


How are you digesting life?

According to Ayurveda, your digestion is not merely the physical process of breaking down, processing and assimilating (or not) the nutrients of the food we consume.

Rather the state of your digestion, your ability or inability to digest food well, is a direct reflection of how you digest life and its experiences in general. Do you frequently feel contracted? Do you tend to tense, or experience anxiety, does life leave you exhausted and tired, on edge or frustrated, heavy or sad; or elevated and expansive, content, confident, centered and grounded?

Symptoms in your body and being are messengers. They tell you when you are in or out of alignment – they are not the root cause or underlying problem of what is going on for you.

The more we attune to our body's signals and what they are wanting to tell us, the more easily we can return to a state of balance, harmony, and equilibrium which will be reflected in our relationships, careers, creative expression, environment, and all areas of life.

Learning to live in harmony with our own nature allows us to access our own knowing, guidance, and wisdom within, live in a state of ease and flow, and become our own healers and gurus, instead of relying on external sources for our well-being.

At Shambala and Earth Medicine Co we look through the lens of Ayurveda as a way of understanding, harmonizing and fully living life. It offers us a perspective that fosters a deep connection of our bodies and souls, each other, mother nature, and this beautiful planet we get to reside upon.



If you are wanting to explore more and dive deeper into Ayurveda to see how it can work for you

check out our offerings & free resources on self-healing, -empowerment, and cultivating harmony with Ayurveda, below:

Free Resources

our free Mini Course
Ayurveda Foundations

In a time where there is so much imbalance, misinformation about health and overstimulation, Ayurveda offers us a gentle guideline. Our new free offering is a deep dive into Ayurveda and Living in Sync with ourselves in a way that’s supportive to our changing states and uniqueness.

Based upon ancient practice rooted in restoring harmony to the body, mind & spirit, this course will give you the tools to explore your body in a long lasting and sustainable way with no financial commitment 🌳 🙌

We will explore the different ‘doshas’ from which we can work off daily and seasonally, and the core Ayurvedic principles that transform the way we engage with ourselves and the world.


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