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Free Ayurveda Course

Explore the Foundations of Ayurveda

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cultivate inner balance & harmony with Ayurveda

Join our free Ayurveda Foundations Mini-Course to explore and embody the foundational principles of the science and art of longevity and feel more connected to your body and inner wisdom.

As Dr. David Frawley says “Ayurveda is not just another system of disease treatment, but it rests upon a profound inner science of positive health and natural living. It shows us how to harmonize ourselves with the greater universe within and around us, with all its secret powers and divine blessings.” 

It is a truly universal science of artful living - because its principles are rooted in the universal laws of the cosmos - which, when embodied, enables each of us to cultivate a life of joy, ease, flow, alignment and living our dharma (divine purpose or calling), in harmony and balance.

This is why we've created our free Ayurveda Foundations mini course. You owe yourself and the world to take charge of your wellbeing and empowerment. - And here is a great place to start. 

This course is for you, if ...

✓  You feel like you’ve been doing “all the right things”, tried all the healthy fads, and practice self-care, without lasting (or any) results.

✓  you are looking to dive into the foundations of Ayurveda and experience how it can help you create inner balance and more harmony in your life and relationships

✓  You are looking to connect deeper with your mind-body being and its signals.

  You are looking for a way to increase your overall wellbeing long-term and sustainably. You are ready to explore the root cause of persistent chronic symptoms like digestive and hormonal issues, low energy, feeling tired most of the time, sluggishness or a stressed nervous system and scattered, overwhelmed mind

✓  You want to feel calm, balanced, and centered in your body, mind and emotionally all year around.

✓  You want to attract in more ease, flow and increase your life quality (or work smart not hard on all this) 

✓  You want to develop deeper compassion and empathy for others, circumstances and yourself & learn to pacify and improve situations by understanding underlying energetics 


 … then you are in the right place to kick off your journey!


Our aim with this course – and all our offerings - is to help you gain a visceral understanding of Ayurveda.
It is a way of life that is experiential, not just another theory, and it is only if you allow this information to truly seep into your being and start applying and observing these principles in your body and daily life, that they can help you to facilitate a tangible positive change in how you feel and, in extension, hold yourself throughout your life.

This is why, even if you are familiar with Ayurveda already, we encourage you to utilize this free resource to the best of your ability. It is the repetition and skilled embodiment of basic foundations

that leads to mastery.

In this mini-course you will learn about: 

  • why you might have been doing "all the right things" (like healthy diet and habits) but they haven't worked for you: 

  • your circadian rhythms (your body's natural bio-clock) & what it means to be Living in Sync – the what, why & how for optimal holistic wellbeing and accessing our greatest potential.

  • Fostering a deeper understanding of your body and being and how nature’s rhythms and energetics effect you inside out (as above so below, as within so without)


  • Discovering and understanding your personal mind-body constitution (dosha) – your natural blueprint – your tendencies and needs

  • an embodied understanding of the five elements that make up everything within the natural universe and govern different expressions, functions and characteristics of unique life forms and aspects of life

  • the three doshas (constitutional types/thermal forces that make up and impact our body, mind and environment) 

  • the different qualities (gunas) of elements and doshas - how to use Ayurveda to self-heal and find balance naturally

  • how to strengthen your intuition and connect deeper with yourself, your body, and the nature within you and around us

  • a thorough yet compact dive into Ayurveda’s experiential anatomy that connects body, mind spirit: maha bhutas, doshas, gunas, the tissue layers and channels of the body and our vital essences – prana, tejas and ojas.

  • Understanding agni – our digestive fire that governs the transformation & metabolism of life

  • Harmonizing your being by moving with nature’s wheel – learn about seasonal (ritucharya) and daily routines (dinarcharya)

  • Recalibrating  your body-mind being in any season


  • Gaining increased compassion of others and their behaviors, situations and circumstances and being able to respond from a centered place, rather than reacting and taking things personal AND be able to apply the same to yourself, through an understanding of the energetics

…and so much more!


Course Format:

This self-paced course contains over 2.5 hours of video content over 5 modules, alongside some written content for integration and check-ins.

Module 0: Welcome
Module 1: Living in Sync
Module 2: Ayurveda Foundations
Module 3: Our Transformative Fire
Module 4: Harmonize – Moving with Nature’s Wheel
Module 5: Diving Deeper


How to join:

Join us here or by clicking the button(s) on this page. It will lead you to a signup page requesting your name and email address.  From there you will be forwarded to the course sign-up page. There you are prompted to create an account and can access the course right away. You also receive an automatic email with instructions. By signing up to this course, you will be added to our email community. You can unsubscribe anytime.

You have lifetime access to this course.


"Wow lady! I've just listened to your webinar* 😲 You're amazing💥💚 to listen to. So knowledgeable yet friendly and helpful. I guess the word would be Genuine! Your passion for Ayurveda really shines through. Thanks for sharing. I have booked for your free offer✨"

- Carla Jones

“I attended this webinar session*.  It was very informative and gave practical activities. Lena's style is very friendly and she is easy to relate to.  I got a lot of value from this session.  Thank you Lena."

- Katherine B.

*the “webinar” referred to in the testimonials was the original live take of the Living in Sync webinar which makes up Module 1 of this course and the bulk of the video content (1.5hrs)

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