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Private 1:1 Ayurvedic Mentorship Options
with Anna-lena Diarmada

Alternative Medicine Practitioner

The Revolution starts with you.


Wholeness, Liberation, Energetic Mastery ... Revolution.

You are a powerful force of nature; your potential is limitless.

Your healer, guru, and leader is already within you.

You are the medicine, the gift, the modality you are here to bring.

All you need to unlock and activate your power

is to remember how to get inside.


To truly be a change-maker and have a positive impact in our own worlds and relationships, communities, and the globe, we are asked to take up the space that is ours to claim and commit to living, leading, and loving authentically, from our hearts and center.


The absolutely non-negotiable foundation of creating that positive ripple effect and becoming the conscious creator of the life you deserve is to first take radical responsibility for your own healing, empowerment, and return to wholeness, for you to be the change you want to see in the world first.


To change our external world, we have to change our internal world.

To step into and create greatness, we need to cultivate greatness from within. – For whatever reality we live in is solely an extension of who we are, and how we be. It is all energetics.


Part of each our own journeys to true mastery, authenticity, and embodied awakening is not only to take ownership of how we interact with life,

but also to open ourselves to receiving help and support when we need it.


When we recognize that we are not here to "do it all, on our own"

but are part of a greater whole, a larger plan,

We get to actualize our true potential, with ease and flow.


Are you ready to step into your next phase of expansion and self-realization?

Learn more about receiving personalized 1:1 support in tailored Ayurvedic mentorship programs with Lena Diarmada below.

Holistic Healing and Self-Empowerment
integrative tailored 1:1 sessions for authentic healing and expansion

Watch the video below for some insight into Lena's mentoring and session style. (note: this is an IGTV from 2021, so any incentives/course dates/etc mentioned are outdated - the message, however, is still relevant:) )

1:1 Ayurvedic Mentorships

Private Mentorship programs with Lena are powerful containers designed to create exponential growth and tangible results in your life:

"I help passionate, soul-led changemakers detox from self-sabotage, chronic symptoms & feeling mediocre + return to wholeness and inner harmony to activate your full potential and live, love, and lead authentically, in your ease and flow.

Together we dive deep and put you back into the driver's seat to become the conscious creator of your life by learning to harmonize from within to establish an 'inner union' (wholeness within oneself), mirrored in the outer union, aka ease, flow, clarity and elevation in all aspects of your life.

In these mentorships, together we identify, process, heal and empower you from any stress, trauma, conditioning, and limitations for you to become authentically and confidently You  - standing in your power as your own healer, guru, and guide connected to and led by your inner wisdom, cycles, and nature.


If you feel called, I am looking forward to supporting you and journeying with you on your way to more embodied  joy, flow, and true fulfillment."

Lena offers intuitive guidance, accountability and a practical, soul-centric pathway to wholeness, liberation, and embodied awakening rooted in nature-based wisdom traditions like Ayurveda and Yoga, shamanic energetics and lore, and anchored through embodied philosophy and integrative tools of holistic root-cause medicine and creative therapy, Eastern and Western esoteric schools, herbalism, deep ecology, and quantum healing. 

Programs and sessions with Lena are tailored to your individual needs, state, and intentions. 


what clients say

It’s like I’ve been thirsty and you are providing water to drink.

Super grateful... you are a powerhouse of knowledge and have such a wonderful way of translating to such a tangible way.

I don’t think you realise how much this work means to me and how much it helps me, Lena.
The amount of self-love and acceptance that is created through it is just amazing and how we have improved things that have been there for sooo long in only two sessions just absolutely amazes me! Thank you for showing me my tools!”


- Paris Krajina

[...more info coming...]

More information on programs is being added soon.

We are currently entering into a new stage of our existence and 
a lot is going on behind the scenes.
Thank you for being here, and following along patiently.

We are existed to soon share with you soon X


in the meantime, if you are ready and want to chat more, email Lena below:

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