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Living in Sync Ayurveda Course

Living in Sync - Online Course
An Ayurvedic Seasonal Living & Detox Journey

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Are you ready to detox from chronic symptoms,

disconnect and feeling mediocre 

and return to clarity, radiance and balance from within, feeling deeply connected to and in solid alliance with your body and being?  


The portal to inside-out thriving, self-empowerment and -healing is open.  


'Living in Sync' is a self-paced seasonal online journey into embodied Ayurvedic living in sync with nature’s circadian rhythms and energetics and our own inherent nature within, cultivating balance and harmony and unlocking body-based wisdom so you may experience ease and flow, in any season of your life.  



What if  you could move through the cycles and hurdles of life, knowing your body and being have your back? 

What if no matter where you’re at, you know how to stay in, or regain, your center and recalibrate your system, 

because you are deeply connected to all of you and are the living embodiment of honouring your body, Shakti, your nature, being and energy and thereby harness your highest potential, creative power and receptivity.  


Your holistic wellbeing and wholeness is the foundation of true contentment, success, alignment, pleasure and joy.  

Your body holds innate wisdom that’s meant to serve you in leading life from a place of ease and flow and truly thrive, it is your birthright.  

All you need to do is to learn (or rather remember) to listen within.  

Intro Video of our Living in Sync Journey (18min)


Cultivate lasting wellbeing & empowerment 
by connecting to your nature and innate wisdom within,

and create balance & flow in all seasons of your life. 


Embody the wisdom of longevity,  
​the science of full human potential,  
the art of harmonised living. 


You are here to thrive.

It’s your birthright. 

You know this is for you, if...

• you’ve been doing “all the right things” and trying different healthy fads, still without lasting results.

• you’re tired of feeling tired, sluggish and low and energy, having digestive symptoms like bloating, gas, diarrhea or constipation or feeling mentally exhausted, overwhelmed and stressed, even though you practice selfcare and eat healthily – and deep down you know there’s more available to you than feeling mediocre like that!

• you are ready to tackle reoccurring and limiting symptoms at the root cause and establish a feeling of ease, comfort and functionality as your inner baseline state.

• you are looking to deepen your relationship with your body and being, understand its signals and live in harmony with your nature - you realize your body is a temple that deserves being looked after, and in turn it will look after you.

• you are wanting to create a lifestyle and diet that forms a strong foundation for you to expand from and increase your overall wellbeing long-term and sustainably (no diets, fads or deprivation, thanks!).

• Holistic health and wellbeing is the foundation of happiness, joy, alignment, expansion and conscious creation and you are willing to invest in it and do what it takes to support your wellbeing holistically.

• you're wanting to learn how to live in sync with nature, her seasons and create flow & ease in your life, your body and your mind.

• you are ready to reset and detoxify your system, and optimise your digestion, while supporting your nervous system and gaining the tools to become your own healer and recalibrator (yes I may have made this word up).


This journey is intended to lead you to the body- and nature-based wisdom that you inherently hold and cultivate from inside of you. This means that you are in your own power and gain the understanding of accessing your innate wisdom, you don't need anyone else to outsource your healing and balancing to.

No one knows your body and being as well as you do and this course helps you put together the pieces of your unique puzzle.



"How did experiencing the seasonal cleanse course change my life? Simply put it was learning about food. I discovered I could cleanse and still eat a nourishing delicious cost effective meal whilst looking after my gut!

It’s a simple yet revolutionary way to take the reigns of your intuitive landscape. There’s a lot more to it than the food but that’s for you to discover. Lena’s wisdom and grounded delightful delivery inspires the fires within.

I experienced lightness of being, energy increase, deepening presence of the moment and a remembering of our innate connection to earths cycles. Ayurvedic practices create peace with life. With a good dash of pleasure here and there for balance, it’s not restrictive. It’s freeing. It awoke a strength within, a gentleness, a discipline and a deep respect for the souls who out of their own free will, reach to the deep and teach from experience."

- HANNAH V., Visual Artist, AUSTRALIA

Ayurveda means thriving.


Thriving in Harmony with our Nature.

The essence of Āyurveda आयुर्वेद, the ancient science and art of longevity and human potential, is to live in understanding of and synergy with our body's signs & needs and our natural cycles - our circadian rhythms, responding to those of the nature around us - for optimal balance, wellbeing and radiance from within and thereby accessibility of our highest potential.

As the seasons change, so do we and our needs - mentally, emotionally, and physically.


While this may seem like a new concept to you right now, it really isn't all so 'new' but rather the remembrance of who we really are and the re-attunement to our innate wisdom and inner guidance that has been our birthright and compass to self-empowerment since the dawn of time.

Course Format – Journeying with the Wheel

The journey consists of two complementary five-week online immersions, designed to equip you with the tools and knowledge you need to authentically thrive in balance and flow holistically all year round and in all seasons of life,

by embodying ancient and universal, nature-based Āyurvedic healing wisdom, enriching your day-to-day, enhancing your quality of life and optimizing your holistic, multi-dimensional functionality.


In the ‘Living in Sync’ – Spring course we journey from late winter, through spring, into early summer. The other half of nature’s wheel - from late summer, through autumn, into winter - we dive into in the Autumn Ayurvedic living & detox journey.

Together, both journeys guide you through nature’s wheel of seasonal energetics, their psychosomatic and energetic impact on your body & being and how you create balance and optimally digest life throughout.

Each includes a guided holistic and gentle seasonal detox of the body and mind, during which you stay well nourished with healthful, easy-to-digest wholefoods. Alongside you will be learning the Ayurvedic approach to holistic selfcare, healing and thriving through conscious food and lifestyle habits and choices. The courses have been intentionally curated this way because for one, spring and autumn are the optimal time for a gut and system cleanse and, secondly, this is the most profound way to experience tangible results quickly and feel immediate change in your body-mind system

Like the yin and yang, together both journeys form a whole. Though one does not necessarily build on the other, they work in synergy, one diving into what the other leaves out. Together they form the full circle of seasons: seasons, that interestingly reflect themselves in not only in nature’s seasons of a year, but also in the seasons of a human lifetime, a woman’s menstrual cycle and even phases of the moon, which makes this cyclical, eco-centric understanding of moving with the wheel for optimal wellbeing relevant in any season of your life!

What you'll get:

  Lifetime access to all course content  

  7+ hours of video presentations over 7 modules (incl. welcome and completion module) 

  Downloadable handouts and resources, incl. infographics, recipes, quizzes, and a supportive yoga therapy sequence

✓ weekly accountability emails, from start to finish

optional Facebook support group

  exclusive access to VIP special add-on bundle: 3 x 60min 1:1 Ayurveda sessions with Lena Diarmada for deep personal guidance to lasting transformation at 10% off,

or a discounted once-off session 

This course is not for you, if ...

✗ you are looking for a quick fix for any imbalances

 ✗ you are not willing to look at your current state and habits with honesty and realism

✗ you are not open to making adjustments and changes to your lifestyle and food approach and commit to showing  up - which can be uncomfortable and you might meet resistance somewhere along the way. 

If you are still unsure but would like to understand more what this journey is about and how Ayurveda can transform your state completely, read on for past student's stories, course details, my own journey, FAQs and free Ayurveda resources at the bottom of this page.

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Living in Sync Course Curriculums


Living in Sync - Spring Intake

week 1
Living in Sync - Seasonal Energetics & Doshas
Moving from Winter into Spring
Science & Art of Longevity - Digestion & Vitality
Pre-Cleanse Recalibration

week 2
Cultivating Balance in Spring
Spring Ritucharya (Seasonal Routine) & Dinarcharya (Daily Regime)
Ayurvedic Seasonal Clea
nse Preparation

week 3
Detox & Metabolic Optimization
Ayurvedic Holistic Detox 101
Your Unique Metabolic Type - Optimize your Digestion (of Life)

week 4
Post-Cleanse Recovery - Integration for Success
Reducing Ama (Toxins) & Liver Support

week 5
Moving with the Seasons - into Summer

Cultivating Balance in Summer / Pitta Season

Living in Sync - Autumn Intake
(available March 2024)

week 1
Foundations of Ayurveda & your dosha (mind-body type)
The principles of creating balance

Ritucharya (seasonal routine)
Cleanse prep - purification

week 2
Agni, ama, ojas, prana
Supporting your metabolic fire (agni)
the six tastes (rasas)
moving through autumn & cleanse prep

week 3
Cleanse week - detox & holistic purification
Stages of disease (samprapti)

week 4
Cleanse recovery week
Metabolic Type Quiz
 & supporting your liver
supporting agni according to your metabolic type

week 5
Moving with the seasons & cultivating balance:
from autumn to winter (lifestyle, diet, 
selfcare, etc)
How doshas affect each other


My own journey with Ayurveda

It wasn’t learning or doing more
but remembering, 
that changed my life. 

Believe me when I say – the wisdom and understanding Ayurveda offers has changed my life, forever. Once you remember your truth, you can’t “unsee” it. 

I spent the earlier portion of my life living largely in survival mode and stress response, disconnected from my body, and really – my self. While feeling mediocre at best and miserable and laden with symptoms in my mind-body at worst, the world around me told this is “just normal”.

For years I was chronically constipated - no, not having a bowel movement at least once per day is not actually “normal”, only so common that we confuse it for that. In fact, my parents had chronic digestive problems too, and in a family and environment full of western medical doctors and academics, the comforting blanket-statement “Oh, it’s genetic! There’s nothing you can do about it” had lip-service been given to often and readily, in blind confidence and reassurance. 

Comforting and reassuring because adopting this belief lays blame and responsibility onto something other than, outside of, ourselves. And whether we like to admit it, or not, staying in our misery feels easier and more comfortable for most of us, than taking responsibility ourselves via intentional, dedicated and diciplined action-taking to consciously create a better outcome for ourselves. We are the creators of our lives.

Of course, maybe like you, I didn’t know that then. Digestive issues paired with hormonal imbalances, I had frequent crazy headaches and intense periods with cramps and all sorts from the moment I got them, I couldn’t go to school and relied on ibuprofen for the pain regularly. Years of disordered eating and bulimia came into the mix, furthering my strained relationship with food and my own body. Depressive or often zoned-out, dulled mental states, chronic exhaustion, fatigue and tiredness were the norm for me. I had also been taught resilience and strength in a society that values

speed, efficiency and productivity and puts mind over matter, so I learned to “just get on with it”.


Until I couldn’t. 

For me it took an accident that resulted in injury and surgery, on my own at 18 years old, literally on the other side of the world where I had moved to, to finally just pause long enough – even if by force – to actually reflect and feel inside ... and remember. 

Remember, my own autonomy and creative ability and thereby, that my body possesses innate intelligence and a tremendous capacity to heal itself. - So there had to be more to how I can feel in life! And I can make it happen, by collaborating with my body, and soul, and listening to what she needs.

Having always had a natural interest in medicine, healing and philosophy, I embarked on my own healing journey, and it didn’t take me long to discover the medical science of Ayurveda in India ... and feel completely at home. 
At home, because nothing it taught me was new. It felt like  visceral remembering of a truth that’s always lived inside my cells: that I am microcosm within a large macrocosm (the natural world). I am a microcosmic aspect of nature and the more I learn to live in syn with her natural laws and rhythms, the more ease and flow, and thereby wellbeing I experience, tha
n when I try to go against my own grain, my inherrent nature. 


Long story short, within a few weeks it turned out that none of these chronic symptoms where either genetic or normal.

One, by one, they disappeared.


The more I made the effort to build a relationship of peace and honouring with my body, who gave me so much, the more at ease, elevated and radiant I started to feel.


Daily, regular bowl movements are a thing. My headaches are a clear signal of stress that I can recognise  and pacify way before they build up into anything. My menstrual cycle is a regular, easeful and sacred cleansing rhythm of my body and barometer of its wellbeing, that, when lived by, can actually amplify my aliveness.



I know how to balance myself where, when and how with practices, selfcare and foods that actually nourish, satiate and recalibrate me, when I need it. I celebrate food as medicine and my body and I have a sensual love affair.

I completely elevated my bodily and mental state,
Which elevated my spirit 
and brought me to life.

And all through simplifying and remembering, honouring myself and my own unique tendencies and needs

by reconnecting to my own innate inner and outer nature - something, we all have access to!

Over the last decade, I’ve assisted countless people in cultivating inner wholeness and harmony by learning how to access their own innate wisdom with Ayurvedic principles, successfully,


and our experiental “Living in Sync” course is one of the most accessible and powerful doors via which to enter into the portal of self-healing and self-empowerment.

I would feel honoured to walk beside you on this journey.

For any questions, please email our team at .

With blessings,
lena x

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another Living in Sync students' experience ...

LIS Testimonial Sarah.png


Can I join the cleanse without having to use any social media platform, like logging into Facebook for materials? 

Yes. You find all relevant content within our online course portal. The additional live Q&A sessions take place via Zoom video conferencing and recordings are added in the course portal. So you can detox from social media during the time of the cleanse as well, if you choose ;) 


I am not great going without food for periods of time. Do you think I can do it?  


​Absolutely. In fact, Ayurveda is all about balance and non-invasive, sustainable and preventative treatment. We will not work with fasting, deprivation, meal replacements or anything along these lines within this cleanse immersion. Rather it is a gentle and nourishing way of cleansing via whole foods while reducing the stress on our digestive system with tasty, simple yet nourishing meals and establishing a way of living and eating with the seasons. 


What's holding me back from trying an Ayurvedic cleanse is that I think Ayurvedic food is boring/bland/just not my type of food.  


Let's clear up some misconceptions. - Ayurvedic does not mean Indian cuisine! While Ayurveda is commonly associated with Indian food, not all Indian food is actually 'healthy' nor 'Ayurvedic'. - Ayurveda simply happened to originate in a place in which the Indian, as well as Hindu culture, is predominant, yet it is not following any dogma, particular religion, culture, nor cuisine. In fact, Ayurveda teaches that everything is about balance and being in sync with your own natural circadian rhythms, which respond to your direct environment. That means that the ideal food and lifestyle choices of a northern European responding to their direct climate, geography and environment is very different to, for example, an Indonesian person. So don't worry that Ayurveda will try to force a 'fad' onto you that does not agree with your culture, stomach, or taste buds - it rather helps you find your own roots and build on them! 


In terms of bland - There is no 'one-size fits all' rule in Ayurveda and its cuisine is actually very rich in flavors and spices: different ones for different mind-body types and at different times of the year! 


I know about Ayurveda because I have done an Ayurvedic Cleanse before and it doesn't work for me. 


This journey is 5 weeks of guidance for a reason - to prepare, do, recover safely, sustainably, supportedly, and step by step. In Ayurveda, nothing is about going in head first or extremes. It does not offer quick fixes. It's not a 'I'm not gonna give a damn about what I put into my body ever, then quickly 'cleanse' for three days and surely will be fine', because nothing of value is being built overnight. Rather through consistency and long-term progress. Ayurveda is a way of life, of living in harmony and balance with your body and your natural needs. It starts with getting to know what these needs are on your individual basis first and reconnecting deeply to your body's innate knowledge, to strengthen your intuition and receive guidance from within. This is what we will be delving into in our five weeks - an initiation into nature wisdom and body balance and trust me - Ayurveda truly works for everyone given a chance, because it is nature. 


I'd like to join but finances are holding me back this time around. Are payment plans available? 


Yes. There is a three-part payment plan option available. If still finances are the objection holding you back and you are eager to make a change and elevate holistically, please do reach out to us via email and  can find a payment option that works for you, agreed upon on an individual basis. Please enquire. 


Do I need anything additional if I take part in the cleanse? 


​Yes, you will need some recommended supplemental herbs as well as certain foods during the cleansing period (7 week supply - another great feature of Ayurveda: it is simple and cheap!). You will receive food lists and recipe inspirations in the program.  


You may choose to purchase some additional lifestyle and self-care supporting tools, such as  abhyanga oil  (self-massage), a dry brush, an enema kit, etc. the latter two being optional. You will receive a list of recommended optional items after enrolment. 


Will we be learning about herbs, the right foods for us and Ayurvedic rituals and practices? 


Ab-so-lu-tely  YES of course! ;) This is what Ayurveda is - wholesome, all-encompassing, wholistic. The wisdom of longevity that nourishes and primes body, mind and soul. Again, Ayurveda is a way of life and 'diet' is only a small component of it.  


For any other questions, objections and inquiries please do get in touch with me via  email here.  


Purchase Living in Sync - Seasonal Ayurveda Course

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