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About Andrew Diarmada


About Ands

Ands - Andrew Ambrose Diarmada - is a soulful folk singer-songwriter sharing intimate stories from the heart.


Residing in the Southwest of Australia all year around he takes his inspiration from living within the seasons and nature around him while living amongst an array of old-growth forests and biodiverse ecosystems.


As a loving father and husband, handy woodworker, creative art therapist, and permaculture enthusiast, he integrates these broad life experiences and knowledge of the power of music to harmonize and heal into his instrument with intent acoustic tones, warming vocals, and hearty rhythms.


“ Music is a moral law,
it gives soul to the universe,
wings to the mind,
flight to the imagination,
and charm and gaiety to life and to everything “ 

- Plato

Ands Ambrose Diarmada, is a passionate creative & musician, and is the co-founder of Shambala Margaret River and chair of Earth Medicine Co Association.

It has been his passion for music and its ability to bring people into their center and flow state and allow them to express their hearts beyond the limitation of words that has greatly inspired the birth of both these entities, which started off planted as a small seed called "The State of Flow Project" in 2018 under which Ands and his wife Lena curated creative embodiment experiences guided by music, breath and movement to anchor people of all ages back in their bodies, hearts and centers, free their energy and find their flow state - the state in which one simply is, in pure presence and aliveness, that all else just falls away.

While Ands has been playing and touring around the west coast of Australia on and off as a performing musician for 13+ years, it is the power and impact of music that reaches deeper than mere "entertainment" that led him down the path of music as medicine and he went on to become a qualified creative art therapist, weaving music in a multitude of ways and experiences.

Musical Offerings



Ands offers up his music, passion for the land and forest, and finding inner peace and centeredness through creative expression and nature connection in an array of ways throughout our retreats, immersions, and ceremonies at Shambala Margaret River.

He also offers private concerts and sound experiences, sound healing, and creative art therapy sessions upon request and, after a couple of big and wild years of laying down solid foundations for the Shambala retreat space, land, and farm in Margaret River, is currently re-igniting his musical performance career as a soulful singer-songwriter with lots of new inspiration the time of "growing roots" on country has gifted him.

Andrew Diarmada is available for concerts, gigs and musical collaborations. 

For enquiries, get in touch with him directly via the button below or email

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