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Shambala is a new-earth paradigm Sacred Nature & Holistic Healing Sanctuary holding safe space for you to come home to your soul. 


Located in Osmington, in the Southwest Margaret River Region of WA, Australia, it is a hub for awakening the human potential, living in harmony with nature - our own and the Mother around us- and each other via creating a safe space for embodied experiences and immersions.


Our ethos centres around eco-centric living and creating harmony with (our) nature through sustainability, psychosomatic holistic healing modalities and therapies such as the yogic, Ayurvedic and tantric path, spirituality and ancient wisdom, permaculture, conscious connection, and simply finding joy.

Our mission is to enable people to find deeper connection within themselves and thereby with each other and Mama Earth by offering holistic and integrative approaches to healing, empowerment and accessing our true greatness, through our workshops, trainings, retreats and private sessions, as well as through opening up our Accommodation Venue  & Shala as safe & sacred space for others to facilitate their magic on this land and holding our own resident containers.


a place to come home to yourself,
a slice of the new earth
where the star seeds gather
harmonise with nature
dive deep, heal and expand
create a sacred web of flow and synergy,
of connection and growth,


a Sacred heaven of support and knowing thyself
here to undressing your truth
and loving you wholly,
celebrating the magick and mystery of life,
together we rise,
one family, one tribe.

"I've been dreaming about creating a safe and Sacred space for people

to come to connect for as long as I can think back.

Perhaps it started in my childhood watching my mother host and create beautiful, homey spaces.
Perhaps it is this inner hippie and fae soul deep within me,
perhaps past lives of doing exactly that:

Allowing people to be just them.
To truly let go, relax and soften enough to float back through the doorway to their own being, their Soul and come home.
To find alignment, empowerment, harmony and a loving community of like-minded open-hearted beings who elevate, hold and celebrate each other as we all realise our dharma on this earth.

I feel it prickling under my skin to think that the time for this has come.
To create, expand and welcomingly open a container for all those who seek.

I cannot wait to share with you the materialisation of what is being birthed as Shambala, here in the Southwest."


- Lena Kaliyah

Co-Creator of Shambala, Margaret River
Founder & Operator of Earth Medicine Co


Shambala has rebirthed into its current incarnation in October 2021 and was founded by us, husband and wife team Anna-Lena and Andrew Ambrose Diarmada.

We have been blessed to take over and continue on a legacy of living in harmony with the land on 120 acres of very special flora and fauna and the venture has been and will continue to be nothing short of big and wild, in any and every way.

We are in the very early stages of what is literally our life's work, fuelled with sweat, blood, muscles, brain muscles and endless love, devotion and drive to make this world a better, higher vibrational place.

Join us for one of our experiences, hire the space to create your own,
and follow along on our Instagram - the journey is long, friends.

With so much love,

Lena & Ands


We believe that love, compassion and understanding is our natural state.

We can all live in harmony with ourselves, each other and Earth with all her inhabitants and habitats,

while living in our authentic truth and creative expression.

This is the recipe for the New Earth, a new paradigm - and this is

what Shambala is here to help anchor in and activate. 


How do we get there?


We need to clear up all the BS.

By truly clearing, healing and transmuting our own pain, hurt and

transgenerational trauma caused by a broken system, that is crumbling.

Only by learning to truly love & harmonize with ourselves again

can we love, be kind to and have compassion for each other.

Only by truly looking after ourselves - physically, emotionally, mentally

and energetically - can we look after our kin as well as mother Earth,

who in turn looks after us, unconditionally.

We are here to create an eco-conscious society - one that regards

the WHOLE holistic picture that is life with reverence, respect and awe.

It is ego-conscious conditioning that has almost been our downfall.

We are here to heal, shed, rise, expand and elevate.

To re-ignite the light in each other, support and uplift each other.

This is what Shambala is about.

Are you ready?

We are elevating into a new realm of consciousness,

greatness love and harmony on earth. Join the movement.

About EMC, the mothership of Shambala Margaret River.
Our Mission

Earth Medicine Co is an association passionately dedicated to the authentic & embodied healing, empowerment and awakening of humankind.

Our purpose is to further the conscious development of individuals and communities through embodied practical education, mentoring and inspiration encompassing integrative health & wellbeing, self-empowerment, sustainability and eco-centric living and leading in harmony with nature.
We are passionate about reconnecting through nature to [our] nature to live & express ourselves fully and authentically and feel deeply connected to ourselves, others and the earth.

Our vision is to return heaven to a new earth paradigm of unity and co-creation with respect, reverence, compassion and love for one another, where every single being feels safe and encouraged to live fully in their highest creative expression and dharma.

We do our part through our different trainings, immersion and sacred ceremonies, healing sessions and mentoring containers. 

For any questions and queries, please get in touch with us via the email link below.

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