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Once awake,
we begin to remember the call of the soul and the song of the world.

- Bill Plotkin

Shambala, part of Earth Medicine Co, is an intentional sanctuary for returning home to inner harmony and wholeness, and awakening human potential nestled amongst heritage forest in Margaret River, in the Southwest of Western Australia, and online.

We create safe soul-centered spaces and transformational containers of self-healing and -empowerment, through reconnecting with our innate nature and embracing our individuality to access our inner guidance, wisdom, and power to lead, love, and live authentically from the heart, in joy.

Our teachings and experiences are deeply rooted in the time-tested ancient wisdom of Ayurveda - the science of life -, shamanic energetics, and embodied ecocentric and holistic approaches that harmonize our inner and outer eco-systems, allowing us to experience life's waves and nuances from a state of flow, ease, and centredness,

and initiating us as humanity into our creative potential, purpose, and mastery.

Join us in one of our life-affirming and transformational retreats or immersions in-person, or courses, trainings and mentorships online.

Scroll down for a little peak into many of our current offerings.

come home to your soul

are you ready to retreat & reset?

Join us for an upcoming Ayurveda retreat at Shambala. These experiences are intentionally designed to offer busy change-makers a full reset from daily life, a space to reconnect deeply with yourself and your body while immersing in ancient Ayurvedic wisdom and detoxing from self-sabotaging patterns. Rejuvenate your nervous system in nature and let simple daily rituals inspire you into sustainable ease and flow.
These retreats move with nature's rhythms and are themed about the energetics of the current season.  


Ayurveda Retreats

soul-nourishing, rejuvenating experiences in the forest

at Shambala Margaret River in  Western Australia. Filling your cup with self-care, creativity, nature connection, and living ancient wisdom to rest your being and inspire ease and flow in your day-to-day.

Explore the Foundations of Ayurveda:

Ayurveda, the art and science of longevity & and cultivating harmony, is a fundamental cornerstone underpinning all our offerings.

Explore how this ancient system of activating human potential can offer you a pathway to creating inner and outer balance with our free mini-course.

our free Mini Course
Ayurveda Foundations

In a time where there is so much imbalance, misinformation about health and overstimulation, Ayurveda offers us a gentle guideline. Our new free offering is a deep dive into Ayurveda and Living in Sync with ourselves in a way that’s supportive to our changing states and uniqueness.

Based upon ancient practice rooted in restoring harmony to the body, mind & spirit, this course will give you the tools to explore your body in a long lasting and sustainable way with no financial commitment 🌳 🙌

We will explore the different ‘doshas’ from which we can work off daily and seasonally, and the core Ayurvedic principles that transform the way we engage with ourselves and the world.


Journey with us - online.

Living in Sync, with Ayurveda

means to find wellbeing and empowerment by connecting with {our} nature and innate wisdom within, and create balance and flow in all seasons of your life.

What if you could move through the cycles of life, knowing your body and being have your back?


What if no matter where you’re at, you know how to stay in, or regain, your center and recalibrate your system,


because you are deeply connected to all of you and are the living embodiment of honoring your body, Shakti, your nature, being, and energy and thereby harness your highest potential, creative power, and receptivity. 

Living in sync in our five-week online Ayurvedic living and holistic detox journey for inner balance and radiance. Intakes open every autumn and spring.

Embody the art of harmonised living - because you are here to thrive.

Learn more & join us here.

musical embodiment ceremonies anytime...

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Embodiment & Music Audio Journeys

with Annalena & Andrew Diarmada

quality audio sessions of an intuitive instrumental soundtrack by multi-instrumentalist and vocalist Andrew Diarmada and guided embodiment practice by Anna-Lena Diarmada, designed to bring you back into your inner center, unwind your nervous system, and find clarity, renewal, and empowerment from within.

Yours to keep and immerse in whenever wherever.

Contact Us

If you would like to learn more or have any questions and enquiries regarding our offerings, trainings or working with Lena in any capacity, or hiring our venue in Margaret River, WA, please get in touch with us.

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