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a space for young women - in-person and online

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supporting young women to grow a positive sense of self and belonging, through exploration and expression and cultivating meaningful connections with others and the natural world.

The adolescent  years of our life are a time of change, identity formation, meaning making and possibility. 

The teenage brain is going through significant and dynamic neural development, making the brain deeply sensitive to the environment (ref 1). For young people, their relationship to their peers and others, influences their sense of belonging in the world and their overall wellbeing and quality of life.

Loneliness and social isolation is a young person’s nightmare.
This is why we believe it is important that a community offer places and spaces where young people can gather together, to learn more about themselves and meaningfully relate with others


Over time, the social structures and values that supported ‘the village’ have been lost and people are feeling more alone and stressed than ever. Young people are also spending less time in nature, and more time indoors and connecting with people on screens, rather than in person.

Although young people are predominantly peer focused, they still learn through the support they receive from older generations, as well as through cultural rites of passages and community networks. 

At Shambala, through Blossom Margaret River, we are co-creating a place where young women can come together to regain that sense of belonging to themselves, others and nature through simple yet deeply meaningful experiences.


Blossom gatherings, workshops, retreats and eventually camps, will help fill a gap in our community for young people.

Our intention is for young women to feel empowered, connected and a sense of purpose and belonging. We will encourage self-expression, foster healthy relationships and support young women to build their confidence and resilience.

Learn more about any upcoming experiences down below...

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Upcoming Events
blossom - for young women

Upoming Events

This is your invitation to Blossom 🌸.


At Shambala, through ‘Blossom Margaret River’, we are co-creating a place where young women can come together to regain a sense of belonging to themselves, others and nature through simple yet deeply meaningful experiences.

This is the beginning of something unique, exciting and expansive; the first of many youth gatherings to take place together. - find all info by clicking below.


This first retreat caters for two age groups: 15-17 yo and 18-21yo. Younger ages to come! Please express your interest. All future offerings and events will be added below, throughout the year.. However, please join our email list to not miss anything.

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Blossom Day Retreats - April 9th & 10th

Tuesday 9th April: 15-17 yrs 9-3pm

Wednesday 10th April: 18-21 yrs 9-3pm
Younger ages to come! Please express your interest.

Where: A beautiful private property in Osmington (Shambala) - 18 minutes from MR town.


If you are a young person living in Margaret River & surrounds, and are curious to explore topics such as self-expression, self-discovery, creativity, friendship, nature connection and wellbeing - in a safe and supportive space, then we’d love for you to join us. 


The best part about joining the first retreat of the year, is that you’ll be a part of shaping ‘Blossom’ into what it will become. We will be listening to, and be guided by, what you want and feel you need. 


We will provide the space and everything you need for any activities we do together, but expect lots of spaciousness to relax, unwind, meet new friends and have fun.

What’s included: Lunch, hot chocolate / tea and snacks, craft materials and a take home gift pack.

Cost: $XX per person (please contact us if money is a barrier to you attending as we want this to be accessible to all and have scholarship & discount places available).

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