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Retreats & Immersions

Yoga and Ayurveda Retreats

At Shambala Margaret River we offer soul-centred and deeply connective and rejuvenate, immersive experiences held in nature.

Given we are all microcosms of the beautiful macrocosm Mother Nature, we are naturally influenced, even governed, by her seasons and rhythms. The more we consciously align ourselves with these energetics, the more resonance, flow and ease we experience that we can grow, expand and be fully alive from.

All our offerings move with nature's wheel. Hence, each experience - its intentions, themes and focus - is directly based on the energetics of its particular time and season.


paired with the peace, purity and spaciousness of the sacred, secluded land we gather upon;

and the genuine heart-led, authentic and intentional space-holding of our practitioners and fellow sisters & brothers,

facilitates and transmits deep (self-)healing and -empowerment,

recalibration and nurturance

and makes deeply embodied harmony, connection, relaxation and joy possible.


Our retreats & immersions provide safe space for you to lean into letting go and self-inquiry,

and gentle, down-to-earth and intuitive guidance to cultivate wholeness, harmony and deep connection within your being, which shall naturally ripple outwards into your life, loved ones and larger community.

Get a feel for our experiences via the video above, hear Lena speak on the intention & purpose of these containers in the video and also find upcoming dates below

particulars of our retreats

Each experience is unique to the time of year, its & each individual groups energetics.
All in-person experiences are held on private property in Osmington (Margaret River Region) at Shambala. Our lodging is our Meeting House (camping is possible in the warmer/dry months).

Payment plans are available for each of our offerings. Full and partial scholarships are available for most offerings. We are always happy to try and work with you to make things happen and alternative agreements may be possible on a case-to-case basis.

You can email us with any questions at


Find our schedule of upcoming events below.

Ensure to join our retreats waitlist to be notified about new and additional dates.


With love,

Lena and the Shambala EMC team.

Upcoming Experiences
in 2024 we've got...

March 22-25 Autumn Equinox Retreat

– Ceremony, Nurturance, Embodiment (ending on full moon)

May 24-27 Living Ayurveda Autumn Retreat

– Natural Healing Wisdom & Shamanic Lifestyle Medicine (just after full moon)

June 21-24 Winter Solstice Retreat

- Ceremony, Nurturance, Embodiment (solstice and full moon)

September 20-23 Spring Equinox Retreat

– Ceremony Nurturance, Embodiment

Oct 18-21 Living Ayurveda Spring Retreat

– Natural Healing Wisdom & Shamanic Lifestyle Medicine (full moon)

November 15-18 Shambala Retreat

– Wholeness, Harmony, Revolution (full moon)

Keen to know more about any of these experiences or secure your spot?

Email us at

Please note:

We try to finalise our retreat calendar at the start of each year and publicise dates here, however these may yet be subject to change. Also we sometimes are a little bit slow with website updates - so if you can't click a date that interests you, we probably haven't gotten the landing page for that particular event ready yet - you can still learn more & reserve your spot already by simply emailing us.


 Shorter one-day-or-less experiences like workshops, day retreats and gatherings or ceremonies are added throughout the year (as well as potential additional retreats), often spontaneously or with less notice. - To be the first one in the know, please join our email list.

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