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Private 1:1 Sessions & Mentorships
devoted to your highest evolution into healing, wholeness, harmony and expansion.

Private Sessions

Retreats, immersion, courses, and other group experiences are valuable and can be so transformative and connective. They can help you shed light on deeper aspects of yourself that require your loving attention and some healing, but because they focus on a collective energy of people (& often take place in a limited-time container separate from your 'real' day-to-day life), only have so much capacity in supporting you to go there all the way and cultivate lasting positive change.



If you know there are some deeper layers within your body, being and life you are ready to heal, bring back into alignment, and harmonize, you may need some one-on-one support with a practitioner you trust and feel safe with.

At Shambala you can receive tailored-to-you personalized support in 1:1 sessions and mentorships, online and in person in Margaret River, WA by heart-led practitioners devoted to providing a safe and sacred space of loving presence, compassion and no judgement for you where all of you is welcome.



It’s like I’ve been thirsty and you are providing water to drink.

Super grateful... you are a powerhouse of knowledge and have such a wonderful way of translating to such a tangible way.

I don’t think you realise how much this work means to me and how much it helps me, Lena.
The amount of self-love and acceptance that is created through it is just amazing and how we have improved things that have been there for sooo long in only two sessions just absolutely amazes me! Thank you for showing me my tools!”


Explore Private Sessions (Online & in-Person)

About Our Practitioners


Anna-Lena and Ands Diarmada are a husband and wife team and founders of Shambala Margaret River & Earth Medicine Co, which have been birthed from their shared passion for a rising humanity cultivating harmony within and without and embodying their full creative potential to elevate our collective existence on this planet, from surviving to thriving.

You can learn more about both Lena and Ands via the buttons below.

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