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a soul-nourishing immersive experience
of giving and receiving in nature.

Hands on the Land Retreat

Oct 20-23th
Shambala Margaret River

Hands on the Land Retreats are grounding immersions on country at Shambala Margaret River, on Wootichup Bilya. A nourishing blend of giving back to the land and reconnecting to nature with Karma yoga - unity through service - and filling your cup with homemade seasonal Ayurvedic wholefood meals, downtime, yin yoga, music, and sound healing, getting crafty, recharging in the forest on silent nature walks and connecting with each other, or sinking into well-needed solitude in peaceful heaven.


a weekend of giving and receiving
in nature

🌿3 nights accommodation in the Shambala Meeting House (organic cotton bedding provided)

🌿Ayurvedic vegetarian wholefood catering (breakfast, lunch,     dinner, all-day tea station)

🌿silent nature walk

🌿integrative yoga therapy/yin, intuitive movement journeys

🌿sound healing

🌿live music

🐝collective busy-bee Saturday & Sunday (regenerating and weeding the lavender labyrinth, collectively 5-6hrs/day., it is light work, the ground is soft and easy to work and there is always time to get up, stretch, move around in between)


The weekend is $285/pp for a three night stay in the Shambala Meeting House with all catered meals and immersive and restorative experiences, such as yoga and sound healing, nature walks, crafting, music, etc.


If you are keen for a low-cost opportunity to have a little getaway, quality time to myself while meeting likeminded people in a wholesome environment connecting through nature, being outside and regenerating the earth - join us!

Take a sneak peak and feel the vibe ...

The intention behind "Hands on the Land" Retreats

Our intention is to create a wholesome space for a low-cost recalibrating weekend away in nature, spending time outdoors while giving back to the earth by collectively working on a regeneration project and connecting with likeminded souls in an intentional, laid-back and relaxing space.

Nature Connection


We are passionate about living in harmony with nature, the land we reside upon and her seasons. When we prioritize connecting with nature regularly and giving back to her, she provides for us abundantly. Not only that, but it also connects us deeper to our own nature, recalibrates our nervous system, grounds our being, calms the mind and anchors us in our bodies, cultivating more embodied presence to meet our day-to-day life from a centered space.


And because coming together over a common cause and passion is so connective and we are always looking for ways to be connecting more deeply with you and get our community involved, we thought coming together for a weekend sleepover busy bee with plenty of wholesome downtime, nourishing activities (or chosen rejuvenating solitude - whatever you need!) yummy food and chipping away on outdoor projects together on the land, is a delicious way to spend the weekend and provides opportunity for a little low-cost and easily-done getaway.


Many hands make light work - for each Hands on the Land Retreat we collectively on one project on the land together. The current one is the regeneration of the 35m diameter lavender maze that had been established on the land some years ago. When we landed here it had already seen some seasons of neglect and is in dire need of some TLC to restore it to blooming beauty.

Walking the maze is a Mindfulness practice in Buddhist and other traditions, intended to harmonize our energy - you enter the maze as you are and with whatever thoughts and worries may be present, journeying into its enter. On your way from the center, the core back out you may feel them transform, lighten and ultimately vanish, the more presence the journey allows us to drop into.

We are excited to restore the labyrinth back to thriving and focus on weeding, pruning raking, etc. Many hands make light work, there will be music playing, snacks and plenty of cuppas to go around and good vibes to be shared as we get down and dirty together. Teamwork makes the dream work, right, and from our previous friends' retreat at which we also got into the labyrinth together we can tell you that

the sense of achievement and obvious visual difference in the lavender labyrinth after a couple of days of busy-beeing is so satisfying.


While we are keeping the costs as low as we can, some essential outgoings have to be covered, such as organic/spray-free local wholefood meals, venue upkeep and utility costs, etc.

Please note: 

Please note that winter means potential rain - so this is for you if you love this time of the year in the Southwest and are prepared to get rugged up to spend some time outside and get cosy around the fire with a hot cuppa after.

Throughout the winter season, our Hands on the Land Retreat numbers are limited to 12 people max. Also, our minimum number for the event to go ahead is 7 participants. Should the event not go ahead due to weather or lack of numbers, you will either receive a full refund or can transfer to future dates. Hands on the Land retreats are seasonal and there will always be another one in the not-so-distant future with a variety of projects. 


We are excited to hang with you!




The Shambala family

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Join our Hands on the Land Retreat at Shambala Margaret River

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